recruitingTechnical Writers, Technical Editors, Documentation writers to Open Source

2010-01-28 18:30
2010-01-28 21:00

Note unusual start time
Stephen Gutknecht will offer a presentation on recruiting Technical Writers, Technical Editors, Documentation writers to Open Source. Stephen Gutknecht is offering free loans of OpenWrt Linux routers to writers willing to invest time in working on documentation, Wiki, FAQ, forum posts, research, editing, etc for Open Source / Free Software.

Stephen Gutknecht will be at the AustinLug meeting on January 28 at 6:30pm to kickoff this independent effort to organize writers in the Austin area. Then at 7:30 or 8:00pm Stephen Gutknecht will offer a AustinLUG technical presentation on the latest OpenWrt Linux on the Atheros/ATH9K based hardware platforms (this is the one Stephen Gutknecht is most familiar with, and the hardware Stephen Gutknecht is offering out for the writers will be based on this. of course, other platforms are welcome to participate).

Stephen Gutknecht has written up a general introduction to the 'recruiting writers' idea on a door64 blog entry: There is also a new Facebook group: Please join if you are a Facebook user and interested in supporting or participating in this group. This is a new grass-roots effort, no sponsorship at this time, and I'm open to suggestions or ideas.

Austin Linux Group currently meet each Thursday evening at 7:30PM in the City of Austin Waller Creek Complex at 625 East 10th Street in downtown Austin. Anyone with an interest in Linux and open source is welcome to attend.

Google map of how to get to 625E 10th St, Austin TX

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