Life Changing Applications Under Development for Linux

Since its discovery, the world of Information Technology has seen a great transformation. Several applications have been developed thus making life exceptionally easy. Linux operating system has stimulated the development of top-class apps, most of which couldn’t have existed. The following are some of the life-changing applications to watch out for;


Apache is one of the high-end web servers that you will get for free on apache. A recent survey conducted on web servers determined that Apache is accountable for 57.3% of the active websites. This regards it as one of the most important Linux applications. Apache also stands out from other applications because of its low cost, due to its scalability, and its amazing flexibility. Apache can do whatever you need to be get done by a web server.


OpenShot is a famous video editor available on openshot. It is licensed by the GPL and accessible at no cost. OpenShot is the right deal for you if you are looking to show off your excellent tricks or just a skateboarder. Also, you can consider this app if you are looking to put together a promotional video for an upcoming event. Getting g started with the OpenShot is quite simple as you will have the opportunity to import few clips to the project at hand and finally drag them onto your timeline in your preferred order.


If you are looking for a high-end web browser to transform your life, look out for the Firefox web browser. This app is available at no cost on the Mozilla and is licensed by the MPL, LGPL, and the GPL. Firefox has truly managed to satisfy the needs of Linux users in the entire globe. It is still remembered for bringing the Microsoft’s monopoly to an end and aiding in taking back the web.


Existing as one of the best information managers, Evolution is another Linux application you will find absolutely free. Evolution is licensed by the GPL and is available on It features a combined email, calendar, and contact systems. All these can be linked to the web apps such as Exchange, GroupWise collaboration server, and the Gmail. Evolution is the perfect application to consider when handling drop-in successor for an outlook in any kind of business. You will find other fantastic features such as the support for encrypting and signing mail with intelligent search folders, junk mail filters, and GPG.


The most pleasant thing for an entrepreneur, a company or a business is the ability to store contents online without losing any of your data. Dropbox makes your dreams come true by providing you with a large online storage space that will see you enjoy your privacy without panic. The application will create a folder in your home directory and automatically synchronize any files you put in the folder to your personal storage space online. Dropbox will pick up any changes automatically and organize your work perfectly you don’t have to worry about messing it up. You can get Dropbox on freely at $20 per month.


Asterisk is the best choice to consider when it comes to telephony. The application is licensed under the GPL and vends at no cost on Asterisk has broken the monopoly of those companies that used to vend their similar apps at higher costs. The application is readily available for anyone who wishes to spend less and get the best results.

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