Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes Date: May 4, 2006

Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes
Date: May 4, 2006
Location: Walnut Creek

Dennis Oxford Made a presentation of Free Dos
GPLed implementation of the MS dos program loader.
Can use Ms works, Unit Level Logistics Systems.
Dos commander, Gems, desktop2, seal.
Dos emulator under Linux.

Other discussion:

ubuntu security model. No root access, first user can do anything via sudo bash with only first users password. Agreed stupid. 2nd user cannot sudo everything. So first user is effective superuser.

Paul Elliott question: any point and clicky way to rewrite the MBR under FC5 and other common distros?

Paul Elliott opinion all: distros should provide Joe Six pack friendly (i.e. point and clicky) MBR manager. Required functionality:
1)restore MBR. (using all original parameters specified by
the distro on the original MBR).
2)make boot floppy.
3)make boot CD for people without floppies!

Rumor: major Austin PC OEM is installing spy ware=myway and charging $49 to remove.

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