Performance Engineer

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The Performance Engineer is responsible for profiling the throughput and performance of the various Initiate products. This effort requires the use of rigorous process, extreme attention to detail, a firm grasp of analytical methods, and the ability to install, configure, and exercise the Initiate product. The Performance Engineer is also responsible for designing tests, data loads, and the collection of a diverse set of performance metrics.

Key responsibilities include:
* Work closely with other engineers and architects to drive requirements and understand the design and implementation for our diverse applications. This requires the ability to quickly learn the Initiate technology stack and APIs.
* Create and execute large scale performance test plans which demonstrate performance bottlenecks and prove that functional changes had the desired effect.
* Design and implement new testing procedures and hands on experimental code modifications which target latency and throughput improvements within a wide variety of product components.
* Develop scripting and automation necessary to automate collection, parsing and analysis of data from disparate data sources.
* Candidate will be required to conduct detailed time series analysis and bottleneck identification.
* We are a distributed and mature development organization. Your success at Initiate depends on your ability to work and communicate effectively with others.

* Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in engineering, computer information systems or related discipline
* At least 5 years of experience working on enterprise scale server side systems using C/C++, Java/J2EE, JNI
* Proven experience designing, building, and maintaining test frameworks using common tooling, such as JMeter
* Proven experience collecting performance data from a wide variety of sources such as SAR, IOSTAT, NMON, Oracle AWR, and Windows Performance Monitor
* Experience with cross-platform database persistence, specifically MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2
* Ability to work effectively on a variety of development platforms such as Windows, Solaris, AIX, Linux, and HP/UX
* Strong familiarity with the scientific method, error determination, and applied statistics
* Solid understanding and proven experience working in a mature development environment (Perforce, Bugzilla, ant, jam, junit)

Initiate Systems is the proven leader in one of the world’s hottest enterprise software categories: Master Data Management (MDM). Our cutting-edge solutions enable organizations to identify, consolidate, and create a trusted view of the data they have across different systems. We are considered a visionary in our field by major industry consultants; serving a variety of industries with offices around the globe and we have an impressive client base, including many Fortune 500, government and large healthcare clients, such as Microsoft, CVS, Humana, Wells Fargo, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

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