dorkbot17 @ Cafe Mundi, Thursday, September 17

dorkbot17: Gore, music, and more

Thursday, September 18, 7PM
Cafe Mundi
1704 E 5th St. (a few blocks east of I-35)
(512) 236-8634

Dorkbot is, as always, a FREE event.

* Meredith Johns and Carolyn Ohara from Hawgfly show off their gore cannon

* Edwin Wise is back with a preview of the Abyssal Organ tech he'll be
setting up at Maker Faire and using in the Scare for a Cure haunt.

* Music showcasing the big box-o-techno by Operation Playmate -
Erich Ragsdale, Eric Archer, and Chad A

* Nick Pietraniec brings a work-in-progress guitar hero-bot.

Coming up:
1. Maker Faire Austin - Oct 18-Oct 19 :

2. dorkbotaustin18 - Nov 20th (tentative date, check website for details)

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