Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes April 7 2005

Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes
Date: April 7 2005
Location: Waller Creek Complex at 625 East 10th street.
meeting began at 7:30

Old business: arrangements for next weeks meeting.

Presentation: Joe Barr
Speaker used to write about OS/2 publications always went bankrupt.
Speaker programmed for 30 years which had a detrimental effect on Brain.
Ran website on LINUX (just worked) caused speaker to fall in with an Evil crowd.
Handcoded HTML.
Has 4 mini-donkeys on ranch.

Went to Brainshare a Novell conference in Salt Lake city home of a lot of Mormons.
Debra Anderson spoke. Migrate 6000 desktops to LINUX.
Could not pad expense account because they give out a lot of food.
Novell commitment to LINUX. 50% done, 80% next year. 900 thousand license fees not paid to MS. MS FUD bus circled the conference. Novell dislikes MS. Hotel TV screen blue screen of death.
speaker almost handicapped in Austin, but really handicapped in SLC. 5 stories and 2000 word interview with Miguel.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm

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