Welcome to the New

Welcome to the new AustinLUG.org! We have forums, a cleaner interface, easier to use (I hope) software, and a lot of nifty new features that I hope you will like.

In order to reduce my grey hair count, the accounts from the old Geeklog based site have not been migrated to this site. So, you will need to create yourself an account using the link on the left. The password to login will be mailed to you in the clear, so when you change your password from the one generated it keep that in mind.

The old site is still available for viewing at http://archive.austinlug.org and will be for some time. The ability to login from the old site has been removed, and all the posting functions have been disabled. You do not need to login to the old site to find information, everything can be read as an anonymous viewer.

As with the old site, you do not need to create an account to look around and read content. You do need to create an account if you wish to submit content, or post in the forums. To make life easier, the site has an option where you can be emailed if there is comment activity on a specific forum post or any other story/page you whish to monitor.

We also now have a book review section, and feel free to submit reviews of books you've read that are related to Linux and/or Open Source.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by using the sysadmin at austinlug.org address. I'm willing to hear any suggestions for improvements or additions to the site you may have. Enjoy!

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