Operating Systems Developer - Silicon Valley

VMware is looking for Reliability Engineers (interns and jr or sr level developers). This is not your ordinary 'reliability engineer' position. Our reliability engineers are software engineers who have a strong knowledge of systems software and computer architecture. Yes, we do design and implement white-box tests to verify correctness ...but it is to verify the correctness of virtualized CPUs and devices. To phrase it a bit differently, we develop mini versions of operating systems.

Below is the a the formal job description for our position in Palo Alto, California.


Verification of correctness of CPU and device virtualization.

Maintain and extend test framework.
Design and implement directed white-box tests to verify correctness of virtualized CPU and devices.

Reliability Engineering
C low-level programming skills
x86 processor architecture knowledge
OS level programming experience
Good analytical skills
2-3 yrs experience

Linux, C, x86 assembly, Perl

Please send resume to Rick Rollins: rrollins@vmware.com

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