ALG meeting at New Horizons Computer Learning Center;An introduction to puppet

2012-06-28 19:00
2012-06-28 21:00

Again Thrursday, June 28, from 7-9pm Austin Linux Group will meet at a new place:
New Horizons Computer Learning Center
300 E. Highland Mall Blvd
Suite 100
Austin TX 78752
Enter through the back of the building.

Robert Parkhurst will present on Puppet and
compare it with other popular approaches to system management and
deploying software. Robert Parkhurst will cover the basics on how to get a puppet
server up and if possible, give a brief demonstration in which a
puppet slave will connect to a master and get a configuration pushed
to it. Robert Parkhurst will also try to cover some major features of puppet,
facter, what operating systems are supported, etc. Robert Parkhurst will also try to
cover ares where puppet could be improved and why someone may or may
not want to use puppet in their own environment.

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