Linux Distributions, Windows Or Macos: Pros, Cons, And Everything In Between

Which operating system (OS) is the best? Linux, Windows or Mac. Time and time, potential users are faced with choosing the right operating system to suit their needs. There is no definitive answer to which operating system is the best but we are confident that after reading through this little write up you will be able to choose which of them best suits your requirements.

Linux, Windows, and Mac all have their specific technical merits but choosing one shouldn’t be based on technical prowess only, usage requirement must be considered.

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First, Linux Distributions

There’s been a lot of rave about how difficult using Linux can be but what most people don’t realize is that they are probably using Linux in one way or another and don’t even know it. If you think Linux is too much of a learning curve, think again. That little cable box underneath your T.V and that TomTom GPS device all run on Linux.

Ubuntu is a kind of Linux distribution that approximates the use of both Windows and OSX. Ubuntu makes Linux easier to use for the general masses. If you have used a computer before then using Ubuntu will be like a walk in the park.

Linux has the advantage over other systems because it has low hardware requirement and can run pretty well on some aged computers (not too old tho). Another area Linux excels is that you can run the system using a live CD. All you need is to insert the CD and allow it run into the system’s memory. That’s it. Linux will run from the CD without interrupting your settings. Once you are done testing, remove the CD and reboot the system.

Pros Of Linus Distribution

  • Linux has low hardware requirement and can run on almost any hardware
  • Linux distribution systems are more secure than Windows and Mac
  • Has more options than any other system
  • Linux can keep you on the cutting edge of computer science. Most new drivers and software are tried on Linux before they are filtered down to other operating systems.

Cons Of Linux Distribution

  • Difficult to learn with too many options that can be daunting to a first time user.
  • There seems to be a limited support for proprietary applications.
  • Limited vendor support on Linux distribution.

Windows Operating System

Windows has over 90% of the market share of the operating system so it’s hard to miss it. Home computers, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities use windows. Although it’s a very mature piece of software, it is not without some flaws.

Pros Of Using Windows

  • When it comes to compatibility; Windows will seamlessly  sync with most drivers or games
  • The technical support team with Windows is great; you can always find someone to talk to if you can’t find an answer at the knowledge base.
  • Very easy to use

Cons Of Using Windows

  • Viruses are Windows worst nightmares. Windows OS is easily attacked by Viruses so you might need to get an antivirus.
  • Thank God for frequent updates, Window Vista and 7 were particularly slow and took a lot of computer resources (disk space and memory).

Between Linux and Windows, having access to the code is the most significant difference. Users can access and alter to the very kernel the Linux operating system code. Good luck with even trying to peer into the code of Windows OS.

MacOS Operating System

Apple’s Mac OS is another big player in the industry. It was actually launched before Windows. Mac OS is the first-ever successful graphical based OS. Here are some pros and Cons of using Mac OS:


  • Has an inbuilt program called Bootcamp that can actually allow you install and run Windows Linux in addition to OS X.? A pretty cool dual boot system.
  • In terms of software, Mac runs better with other Apple products. I don’t know if this is a con or a pro feature, but you will be better off with a Mac OS if you own an iPhone, an IPad, and an Apple TV.


  • With a MAC OS you are limited to the drivers and electronic devices of Apple.
  • Most times, only the RAM or hard drive is upgradeable.

Between Windows and Mac, a five year old Windows can easily run the latest Windows 10 but same can’t be said for a five year old MAC. Half the features will be missing.

Here you have it, some of the major differences, cons, and pros of these operating system. Choose any, wisely.

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