Skype Redesign Coming To Linux Operating System

Skype is a telecommunication software that specializes in providing voice calls and video chat between tablets and smartphones, computers, Xbox One consoles, and even smart watches through internet connections. It also provides instant messaging. You may transmit both video messages and text, and also exchange images and documents. Another attractive feature is that video conference calls are made possible via Skype.
Skype to Skype calls don’t require any charges, while calls to mobile phones and landline telephones are charged through a user debit-based account known as Skype credit. Skype users communicate over the internet by video using webcam, by voice using microphone, and by instant messaging capabilities, all made possible via a Skype application installed on the respective device.

Skype For Linux

The look of Skype redesign in Linux.

The look of Skype redesign in Linux.

Skype is compatible with different operating system such as Windows, Mac and Android and is also available on Linux operating system. Microsoft has redesigned Skype for Linux where it comes with RPM and DEB packages making it easy to install on Fedora, Ubuntu or Debian. The new interface is interesting, easy and enjoyable to use on your Linux machine.

Once you download Skype for Linux you enjoy new features across all devices. You share content with everyone including screen sharing and group chat. These new features make it easy to coordinate group business from a distance on a real time basis. The group chat feature aids talking to several friends at the same time, making coordinating work much easier.

Perv Mom – Finally on Linux distros?!

Finally Something For Perv Moms

Having Skype on Linux systems is something all perverted moms were waiting for. Of course we are talking about these geek ones, who don’t rely on Windows or MacOS. Linux & perverted older women? I guess it’s something that all male geek would like to experience! They are all featured on newly built website called My Perv Mom, where they do nothing but quality seduction of their step sons. It’s taboo and it’s naughty. Now, thanks to Skype – available on video calls on Linux distros!

One can also communicate in a more personalized style best known to him or her by using emojis, emoticons and photos, making chats or written messages more like a one-one conversation. Such personalized chats help one to express himself or herself more freely as one might in a normal conversation. Skype for Linux also includes the familiar features of instant messaging such as online status and user profiles.

Linux Advantages

Linux: a family of free and open-source software operating system.

Linux: a family of free and open-source software operating system.

Using Linux operating systems has numerous advantages. Linux is cost effective, a major consideration when you consider the world economy and it offers a free anti-virus program. The operating system is safe, crash proof, virus-proof, lightweight with low hardware requirements, highly customized, frequently updated and the most preferred server OS.

Linux is also the leading operating systems when it comes to flexibility. It allows you to manipulate the user interface to your liking making it enjoyable and easy to use. Linux also has an effective rescue tool. If something goes wrong it easy to make repairs by booting from live media. Also with Linux, you have the luxury of choosing the desktop environment which pleases you. Microsoft is also committed to a UI platform as it works to get closer to an open source platform.


The new Skype redesign coming to the Linux Operating Systems has its critics for its use of heavy bright colors and looking too much like Snapchat in design.

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