What chance does Linux Distribution stand against Windows and MacOS

Linux is one of the pioneer operating systems in the world of computing and web design. It has managed to convince a number of people who still opt for its use despite the intrusion of the modern operating systems in the market such as the Windows and MacOS. Linux is mostly preferred by many people because of its free availability that allows users to install and even modify it. The following is a description of the chances Linux stands over the MacOS and the Windows operating systems;


Cost is an important factor to consider before undertaking any project. No one desires incurring high costs when there are available options that are perfectly capable of meeting the intended demands. Linux beats any other operating system with its free availability. You don’t have to dig into your pockets to get what you are looking for in the case of Linux. This is totally different when using Windows and MacOS. Windows and MacOS usually vend at higher costs which may be renewable after certain duration of time depending on the agreement and the user plan. Therefore, Linux stands a great chance of consideration when it comes to projects that require smaller budgets.


When it comes to security, Linux is the leading as compared to Windows and MacOS. Its free availability is a plus despite many people shying away from using free applications fearing security breaches. Since its launch, Linux has managed to serve the needs of people in the world of spyware, adware and viruses securely without security concerns. It is not a good practice to spend a lot of money just for an antivirus. Viruses should not exist in the first place. Windows and MacOS offer very costly protections against virus attack. Suppose you have a smaller budget then you are likely to suffer for virus attacks when using the Windows and MacOS. There is an argument that Linux is used by a few numbers of people and thus making the operating system unsusceptible to virus attacks.


Linux is the only operating system that favors all types of computers be it old or new. Linus will run your old computer perfectly without crushing or slowing down. You can install and use Linux as a file server, a backup server, or as a firewall. You are provided with tons of gratifying possibilities that will make your operation fun. Why don’t you try it out? You can never get disappointed with Linux operating system.


When it comes to conducting any specific task, Linux offers you a wide variety of choices. For example, when looking for a text editor, you will be happy to choose from a large list of high-end text editors, which are offered free of charge. Linux enjoys timely updates from its regular programmers and users. In many cases, a better part of Linux software is open and free source. You will not only enjoy the software for free but also have the freedom to change the source code and include more features.


Finding something flexible has lots of benefits including the ability to apply your favorite app on various fields. Linux is the most flexible operating system that relives you the trouble of dealing with the anti-piracy schemes as well as the additional “hoop jumping.” This is usually not the case with the Microsoft and the MacOS operating systems. Why not consider going for a flexible operating system that cares for your pocket? Give Linux a try!

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