Linux vs Windows vs Mac – The Race Against Time

Linux, Windows and Mac are the main operating systems applied today. These three have varying characteristics that make each unique from the other. Based on the pros and cons comparison, each operating system has its own advantages and disadvantages that make them outstanding. It is the responsibility of the user to decide on the suitable operating system to pick.


Linux is the best operating system that keeps the Windows and Mac under check. The introduction of Linux has significantly regulated the monopoly from the other two big players. Linux is highly regarded due its free availability that allow one to download, change, and redistribute without digging into their pockets. Linux has been optimized for modern use more than the Mac and Windows. Despite the many benefits associated with it, Linux still has some disadvantages that need correction.

Advantages of using Windows

  • Windows is much compatible with many applications. Your game or driver will work perfectly on Windows in most cases.
  • Since Windows operating system has a large number of users, you will always find help from other people who have the idea on how to solve your problems either offline or online.
  • Since Windows operating system has a large number of users, you will always find help from other people who have the idea on how to solve your problems either offline or online.

Advantages of the Linux operating system

  • There are no costs incurred while using the Linux operating system. You have the freedom to download, alter and install without spending a single dime. This is amazing, right?
  • Linux comes bundled with a number of software that enhances its operation. Since Linux is not a complete operating system, it uses the Kernel hence the reason why it comes integrated with a variety of software. Examples of the software included in the Linux include the Mint, Fedora, and the Ubuntu. There will always be one particular software to suit your needs.
  • Despite the claims that Linux may be vulnerable to viruses, there are very minimal issues of virus attacks.

Disadvantages of using the Linux operating system

  • Most of the Linux based applications are complicated to use despite some distros regarded as easy to use. The complicated applications require a vast experience in order to successfully use them.
  • Linux has less number of programs as compared to the Windows hence incompatible in most cases with many devices.
  • In most cases, you will find it difficult to purchase the Linux computers because of their scarce nature. Most venders prefer selling the Microsoft computers rather than the Linux hence you may be forced to opt for the Windows computer after which you can reformat your computer and install your desired Linux operating system.

Disadvantages of using the Windows operating system

  • Windows are prone to frequent virus attacks as compared to the other key operating systems. This means you will have to purchase an antivirus to secure your computer.
  • Windows needs several computer resources such as the processor, memory, and disk space to run effectively. It is usually slower than the other key operating systems.
  • Windows is usually expensive and you will have to set aside a huge sum of money to get one.

Advantages of using the Mac

  • Apple’s small market share protects the Mac from viruses making it a good option when looking to avoid viruses.
  • Macs are usually reliable due to their limited market share that allows only the installation of applications from its market share. This is why you will rarely notice crashes on a Mac computer.
  • Mac usually has a more appealing look as compared to the Windows. Its over-rated price can be an explanation for this as most developers tend to dedicate their energy on the Mac since there are good rewards.

Disadvantages of using the Mac

  • Mac computers are usually expensive as compared to Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • The Mac is only for the Apple computer users. You can’t install Mac on a non-Apple computer as it will fail to work hence you will have to purchase a new computer from Apple.
  • Mac has incompatibility issues hence will only run few programs. Playing games on the Mac is uncommon in most cases.

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