Meeting Minutes

2011 04 28 Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes

Meeting at cherry wood Coffee House
11 people present
discussion included different versions of linux used by members
discussed group communications
discussed future talks.

2011 04 21 Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes

Meeting Waterloo Ice house Burnet

Secretary absent

2011 04 14 Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes

meeting Waterloo Ice House

General discussion

2011 04 07 Austing Linux Group Minutes

no meeting

2011 03 31 Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at the Quarry Library and called to order at 7:00pm

Primary order of builders is the election of new officer.

Nomination are made and election are held with the following results

President Robert Parkhurst
Secretary Denis Oxford
Treasurer Jim Parkhurst
Web Administrator Paul Elliott
System Administrator Carl Perry
Mailing List Carl Perry

All documents are transferred.

General topics of Linux are discussed.

Meeting is adjourned at 8:30pm

meeting minute ALG; Septembeer 9, 2010

3 people attending; presentation by Denis Oxford on windoze backup using clonezilla.

meeting minute ALG; August 19 2010

Dave Claridge gave presentation Embedding python robots playing soccer! 7 people attended. General discussion. Carl Perry our President attended.

meeting minute ALG;July 29 2010

discussed groklaw article on bilski decision. Question about which distro is best for a particular application. 3 people attended.

meeting minute ALG; election ;July 15 2010

Found parameter acpi=ht to be added to /boot/grub/menu.lst to help with toshiba L505 fan problem.

3 people discussed linux stuff.

meeting minute ALG; election ;July 8 2010

Found parameter acpi_osi=Linux to be added to /boot/grub/menu.lst to help with toshiba L505 fan problem.

4 people discussed linux stuff.

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