Tour of Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at the University of Texas

2008-11-06 19:00
2008-11-06 21:00

Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at the University of Texas at Austin.

According to Wikipedia, this recently upgraded Ranger runs CentOS
Linux. Some tech details:

* 62976 CPU CORES

The TACC tour is scheduled for 7:00pm on November 6, followed by a
pizza outing at 9:00pm. The Computer Club of Austin meeting is free
and open to non-members.

Promoting Linux

2008-11-13 19:30
2008-11-13 21:00

Promoting Linux

Jim Hogg, Linux promoter extraordinaire, will be giving a talk November 13th on the style and methods he uses to promote our favorite operating system. Jim has turned hundreds of people into devoted Linux users and taught them the easy methods for being a GNU/Linux Johnny Appleseed. Be there and contribute to the enthusiasm.

The presentation will occur at the regular ALG meeting on November 13 at:
Google map of how to get to 625E 10th St, Austin TX

Sunday September 21, 1:30pm - weekend get together

Thanks to those who supported and attended this event.

Meeting Presentation Requests

The Austin Linux Users Group meets every Thursday at 7:30pm. We invite anyone who is interested to do a Linux or Open Source presentation.

Presentations can be as short at 15 minutes or as long as 90 minutes. We have provisions for a VGA display hookup if you wish to bring a laptop for your presentation. ANYONE is welcome, you do not have to have presentation experience!

Please contact us on the mailing list, or reply to this topic if you are interest. we like to schedule presentations at least one week in advance. Thank you.

Installing Linux on low memory hardware.

Many distros do not install because of low memory on some old computers. I have a laptop for which, sans swap file, Ubuntu won't even boot and yet I have installed Open SuSE on it.

Never mind what the 'systems requirements' say. Many well known distros like ubuntu, opensuse and fedora can be made to install on low memory computers if you install a swap file first.

How to do it. Plan your basic partitioning. Download and burn the GParted Live CD. This Software can also be made to boot from a usb stick.

Boot, delete or move existing partitions and install a /boot and swap partition in the low numbered cylinders. (Old hardware is often subject to BIOS Cylinder limits. The /boot partition is used to insure that your kernel image and initrd are in partitons that satisfy these limits.)

With the Swap file in place, you can almost install your Distro as you would normally.

If the Distro installation procedure asks for permission to use your swap file, say "yes".

Do not let the distro installation procedure automaticly repartition your hard drive, because it may attempt to move the swap file. It won't work to try to move a swap file that is in use.

Specify "manual disk partitioning". This has different names for different distros.

During repartitioning, you can do anything you want except move or delete the swap file. (If you need to move the swap file, you will have to abort the installation, and go back to the beginning and repartition with the GParted LiveCD.)

Once the disk repartitioning phase is complete, the rest of the installation usually procedes normally. If you are installing on the typical piece of junk, expect everything to proceed slowly, much more slowly, than you are used to.

There are also other tricks to install Linux on computers without a CD or DVD drive.

Austin Linux Meetup Group has an Ubuntu Install Fest

Austin Linux Meetup Group, which is a distinct organization from Austin Linux Group is having an
Ubuntu Install Fest. The meeting will occur on Monday, May 5, 2008 at 7:00 PM. The meetup will happen at

the Triumph Cafe
3808 Spicewood Springs Rd.
Austin , TX 78759

Let's help them out. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes; Date: April 17, 2008; Election results

Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes
Date: April 17, 2008
Location: Waller Creek

Discussion of backup programs. Opportunity for further nominations. Clio Dunn nominated for Treasurer. Carl for system as well as mailing list. Stephen Gutknecht. for President. Denis Oxford for Secretary. Paul Elliott withdraws for Secretary. Denis Oxford withdraws for President.

Therefore this is the nominations.

Stephen Gutknecht for President.
Secretary Denis Oxford.
Treasurer Clio Dunn.
System Administrator Carl Perry
Mailing List Carl Perry
Web Administrator Paul Elliott
Program Coordinator Newton Hammet

Slate passed by acclimation.

Discussion of virtual booting Linux under OSX.

The Linux Foundation excludes local Linux activist from local Summit

I am a local Linux activist. I am secretary of a local LINUX Lug, and I have written commentaries on Free Software/Open Source Software history. When I read about the LINUX Foundation Collaboration Summit in the local paper I thought I would like to attend. So, I put on my suit, which I do not wear often and headed off for the Pickle Research Center.

When I reached the summit registration, I talked to Jennifer Cloer. I said that I was secretary of a Local Lug and that I have written on Free software/open source history. I asked to attend as an observer and journalist. She said that journalists were only allowed the previous day and that remaining days were only for Linux Foundation Members. Our local LUG was never notified of the existence of the summit in Austin.

The front page of the Linux Foundataion's Web page says "The Linux Foundation is a non profit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux". Fostering the growth of Linux is also what Austin Linux Group is supposed to be doing. The event was called the "collaboration summit", but apparently the LINUX foundation did not want to colaborate with any one but themselves.

There was a forum on open source legal issues from which I could have profited. Too bad.

I believe that local LUGS and local LINUX activists have much to contribute to the development of LINUX. I believe that the LINUX FOUNDATION is making a mistake by excluding them.

We are stronger together than separate.

Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes; Date: April 3, 2008

Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes
Date: April 3, 2008
Location: Waller Creek

Tested directional wireless card belonging to Eric. Module loaded under OpenSuse 10.3. Got it working under OpenBSD. But it is too slow.

Paul Elliott nominates:

President Dennis Oxford.
Secretary Paul Elliott
System Administrator Carl Perry
Mailing List Carl Perry
Web administrator Paul Elliott
Program Coordinator Newton Hammet

more nomination on 10th, election on 17th.

Alg investigates One Laptop Per Child

At the January January 10 Joe Barr made a presentation on One Laptop per child computer the X0.

Joe Barr made some points about the X0 and discussed recent new events related to the X0.

It is not a conventional laptop and it is not intended for use as a general laptop.

A general laptop can do things the X0 can not do. The X0 can do things the general laptop can not do.

Several people including Joe Barr brought in X0's. Much experimenting was done. They can talk to each other!

Elze brought in her XO and had a number of questions, some of which we could not answer. However some
of the questions were answered on IRC #olpc-help.

Elze posted about this ALG event on a Blog.

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