Linux Systems Administrator : Austin

What is the Job like?

Directi is a $300+ million group of businesses, creating Internet software for millions of global users.

As a System Administrator, you will work with world class teams and manage system engineering and administration efforts of our globally distributed, Web 2.0 products used by millions worldwide. These products involve myriad technologies, diverse platforms, Server load balancing, High Availability (HA) clusters, IP/FC SANs, Distributed File Systems etc.

You will be part of teams consisting of highly technical System Administrators, responsible for one or more of the architecture, planning, implementation, configuration, automation, deployment, administration, monitoring and management of our large-scale, globally distributed products. You will be expected to automate your tasks, write scripts on myriad platforms, manage diverse tools, troubleshoot complex systems and application issues, design 100% redundant architectures, build configuration management code for repeatable delivery, and develop efficient monitoring methods for notifications.

The main focus of this group of techs is managing deployments consisting of 100s of linux servers and troubleshooting outages, conduct RCAs, coming up with permanent resolutions & working with System Architects for deployment automation and product development.

Operations ownership of projects using Linux and Linux application stacks (LAMP, Ruby, Postgres, Java, Python etc)
Responsible for setup and uptime of large Linux deployments (100s of servers)
Configure and optimize mail servers, web servers, cache servers, db servers, vps and cloud servers etc
Incident analysis/RCAs/troubleshooting and identification of permanent resolutions
Liaison with customer support teams and resolve customer issues.
Recommend/implement automated processes for scaling operations
Puppet configuration management
Plan & automate migrations.
Plan and execute service/site maintenance schedules.
Contribute to the operations handbook.
Pro-actively monitor product/services/site performance, uptime, availability and analyze logs / metrics.
Participate on on-call rotation for fixing service downtime incidents.

You are acquainted/mastered some of the below tools/skills -

Linux: Excellent understanding of Linux Systems, Any Shell/Bash, sed/awk/grep/egrep, VI/VIM/Emacs, netstat, lsof, strace, ps/top/atop/dstat, grub boot config & systems rescue, fstab/disk labels, ext3/ext4, tcpdump/wireshark, IPtables, sysstat (sar/vmstat/iostat etc), run-levels & startup scripts, sudo/chroot/chkrootkit/rkhunter.
Fundamentals: Excellent DNS & Networking Fundamentals, TCP/UDP, IP Routing, HA & Load Balancing Concepts.
Storage: RAID, DAS, SAN, NAS fundamentals
Application Protocols: Excellent understanding of SMTP,HTTP,FTP,IMAP,POP
Applications: Postfix/qmail/Exim, Nginx/Apache (mod_php, mod_fcgid, CGI, php-fpm etc), Tomcat.
Databases: Good understanding of - SQL/RDBMS, MySQL/NDB, Postgres, MySQL/Postgres/Slony Replication.
Tools/Utilities: Nagios, Cacti, Ganglia, DHCP, Kickstart/Cobbler, Mcollective/Func/Fabric, Yum, RPM, GIT/SVN
Scripting/Programming: Any of Bash/PERL/Ruby/Python/PHP.
Others: Regular expressions, Excellent troubleshooting skills.
Good to have:
Configuration management : Puppet
Systems/Hardware: LOM/IPMI/IP KVMs, Dell Hardware.

Details of the JD :

About Directi
Directi is a 300+ million dollars group of Businesses, that develop innovative mass-market Web Products serving millions of Customers worldwide. Directibusinesses rank amongst the fastest growing businesses worldwide in their corresponding industry segments. The combined Product Portfolio of various Directi businesses includes - Communication and Collaboration apps, Social Networking software, Instant messaging software, Context Analysis Engines, Antispam and Antivirus Solutions, Large scale Billing and Provisioning platforms, Traffic Monetization Solutions, Online Advertising Solutions, DNS Management Products, Linux and Windows Server Management Software, Web Hosting Control Panels and much more.

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