rpm installation

Dear linux users, i have fairly recently began to use linux. I use Suse 10.1 and i used to have 9.1, i have yet to figue out how to install rpm files in 10.1. I am confused on how it works. When i click to open and install with yast, it just doesnt install. it seems that it doesnt know that im trying to install something that wasnt on the install cd in the first place! i really would love to know how to install something. This happens to be the only draw back on linux vs windows right now. Please help me.

doesnt let me change installation source

weather i try a local directory or an ftp, it keeps telling me either invalid path name component or cannot creat the instalation source.

RPM and SuSE

Somewhere in Yast is a configuration option allowing you to change the installation source. In this case you'll need an ftp site so that you can obtain packages not included on the CDs.


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