Be master of your domain; Commoditize your ISP and other services

2010-02-04 19:30
2010-02-04 21:00

Paul Elliott will show how Linux users can commoditize their ISP and be cool by acquiring their own domain name. Your ISP does not need to control your email address or your web address. He will show how common GNU/Linux programs such as mutt, kmail, evolution, and Mozzila Thunderbird can be used to send and receive email, using IMAP, connecting to a free mail service such as google apps, which can hold the mail associated with a domain.

He will show how a subdomain name combined with ssh and dynamic DNS can be used to "phone home" from a mobile laptop to a home desktop computer. X11 screen programs can run on a remote desktop but the display can be on the mobile laptop.

The Presentation will take place from 7:30 to 9:00pm February 4th at the City of Austin Waller Creek Complex at 625 East 10th Street in downtown Austin.

Google map of how to get to 625E 10th St, Austin TX

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