Silona Bonewald, May 18th

Mark the date on your calendar, May 18th. That's when Austin cyber-luminary Silona Bonewald has accepted our invittion to speak at our weekly meeting. Among other things, Silona is trying to play matchmaker between open source projects and non-profit organizations here in Austin.

If you're not familiar with Silona and her work, you can check her
bio on, which she founded. She is also on the board of directors at EFF-Austin, is active in the ACLU, has her photo on

In her own words:

To make cash... I am also a geek that creates large database systems for computer gaming companies. And I help implement/design large CMS and CRM systems. My first computer was a kaypro 2 in 82.

I also teach computer and management classes. I used to teach instructional design on a college level. In fact, next month (Apr 2006), I am going to do a series on open source software for non-profits. With EFF-Austin, we were doing penguin days, but the NPO's felt like that wasn't enough support afterwards. So the classes are an answer to fulfill that need. Austin freenet provides me with classroom space.

If you only make an occassional meeting, make it this one.

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