Panda Antivirus for Linux

I have enjoyed Linux for several months and would like to add antivirus protection.
I downloaded Panda antivirus for Linux. It is a *.tgz file.
In this download are subdirectories called etc, usr, and var that contain various files.
And now I am at the end of my realm of knowledge.

How do I complete the installation?
Do I place these files into the correct location within my Linux 10.0?
Do I have to add commands to a runtiem file?

I do not see a readme in the download or other tutorials on the Panda site..

I can bring my laptop to the next meeting if that will help.



To install panda just unzip the docs from the command line like this.

tar xzvf file.tgz -C /

This should put all the files in the needed place but I would make a backup first. I suppose you are running Suse? I think they support RPMs so you could just download the RPM and do an rpm -i package-name.rpm.

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