Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes March 16, 2006

Date: March 16, 2006
Location: Walnut Creek

Dennis Oxford is back. Paid dues. Called to order 7:25 pm by Newton Hammet.
Discussion of wireless networking Atheros.
Drupal has been decided on for our web site.
Lilian Simmons accepted nomination for mailing list manager.
Dennis Oxford accepted nomination as Webmaster.
It was noted one candidate for each post. Motion to accept the
entire slate passed unanimously.
President = Newton Hammet
Secretary = Paul Elliot
Treasurer = Jim Westbrook
Program Coordinator = Joe Barr
Mailing List Manager = Lillian Martinez Simmons
Webmaster = Dennis Oxford
System Administrator = Carl Perry

Carl to give presentation on drupal after web site setup.
Perhaps we will have alg mail forwarder after the web site set up.
PowerDNS does everything Carl's dns program was going to do,
so that project is dropped.

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