Jan 29 2009

Meeting called to order 1930 by President

We were joined by Rob and Thomas

Open Mike Nite: all are fee to discuss

Had a long discussion between Rob and the President concerning Cooperate mentality and the development of open source drivers. Rob contended that a proprietor router company (here in after called "routerco") was contemplating a total switch to open source for its operating system. Apparently the Free Software Foundation subsequently sued "routerco" for violating open source licensing which, of course, caused "routerco" to drop its migration plans. Rob argued that in this case the FSF had done something to actually stop the spread of open source soft ware.

Stephen argued that it had been 5 years since "routerco" had worked on open source and if they had continued to develop their open source assets they would not have been in this position in the first place.

The conversation was fascinating to every one else so the exchange was between the two involved. In the end nothing was resolved and "routerco" is gona' do what it wants to do anyway.

We did discuss Door 84 as a portal to local networking events and Kernelplannet.org as a place to see what some of the big names in the open source movement are doing.

We also discussed the Trinity Rescue Kit, which is an open source Windoz rescue kit.

Meeting adjured at approximately 2045.

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