Linux class?

I am curious if there is a class (on or offline) for beginners that is priced for someone who just wants to learn Linux.

I have been a Windows abuser since Win3.0 and a Commodore user before then. Even spent a few hours on a Trash80.


Linux Class

I am not aware of a class exactly. I have used many of Sam's Teach Yourself in 24 Hours and they present the material in small chunks with review exercises. When learning FreeBSD I really enjoyedFreeBSD Unleashed. It also never hurts to have a reference book or two. I like to keep Unix in a Nutshell handy on the bookshefl. O'Reiley Booksare awesome. Pardon my spelling :-) The library usually has some ok books or is where i like to go. The only other tip I have in learning is HOWTOs if you get stumped doing something search for howto aka recompile kernel howto or setup ipchains how-to etc

Some books possibly about 30 around 10 About 30 ish

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