November 13 2008

Secretary called meeting to order @ 7:40

Treasure Introduces speaker "Jim Hogg"

Jim gives his presentation on his experiences of teaching Computer Programing, specifically C++ in the Round Rock School System. Some Points of interest from his discussion were:

* He teaches students to code and compile remotely in a server he maintains in his class room.
* He encourages his students to use a live cd version of Linux.
* He encourages his students to use a Debian distribution so they can easily load and try different software packages
* His favorite distribution in Mepis Linux.
* He has received commendations from various educational organization for his efforts
* His presentation was filmed and the JPEG will be made available.

Jim said he would make his facility available if we wanted to do an install fest their.

He can be reached by Email at ""

Meeting was adjourned at 0900 pm.

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