Workshop, Linux based consumer routers and WiFi, dd-wrt and OpenWRT

2008-12-11 19:30
2008-12-11 21:00

We will be having this event on two dates December the 11th and December the 18th.

Workshops on putting open source firmware on many of the consumer routers.

The LinkSys WRT-54GL and previous versions of that router were mainstream for years... but G radio is pretty weak by today's standard; The new N routers are not just about faster signal, but the real benefit is often the better antenna MIMO signal designs.

With many routers, two or more can act as wireless repeaters (WDS mode) allowing you to reach areas with wired or wireless. It is also possible to connect two routers back to back with Ethernet cable and share out an existing WiFi connection with a new name and signal.

I will bring two Linksys WRT-310N routers with dd-wrt loaded and discuss the loading process, features, and . This is a well supported Linux router available at, Newegg, Amazon and so forth for around $85 (also goes on sale at times for lower). This is a Broadcom based router with 32MB of RAM for running Linux - allows you a lot of flexibility in what services it can perform for your network. It is a little more expensive model given it is also a gigabit switch for the cabled side of the network.

Information on the routers supported by Linux dd-wrt:

We will also show a Atheros based Netgear WNR2000 802.11n router running a customized version of OpenWRT. Information on OpenWRT is here

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