Last night's meeting

It was a pleasure meeting you all yesterday at last nights meeting.

Honestly, not sure how often I will make it in the future. It is a good distance from me. I'm more North.
I think the agenda must have been "Improving" the group , not sure but that seemed to be the constant focus.

Ideas for future meetings;
1.) Everyone bring a copy of your favorite Distro to hand out and show. Quick explanation on why it's your preference and advantages to using it.

2.) Bring your system and details of a problem you are having in configuring / setting up in Linux. 15min limit to discuss depending on size of group.

If anyone would like to keep in touch feel free. Contact info bellow.

My interests and what I might give insight to;
Puppy Linux, Ubuntu, SDL, Elive & EliveCD, portable Linux (linux hacked on Palm and other devices)
Linux w/ "Eye Candy" - Compiz / Beryl
Have been involved with Linux groups on & Cactus

Disclaimer; ;-)
I am not a hard core Linux guy but someday would like to be.

Individuals can not love others, until they have learned to love
themselves first.
-- WB

Ubuntu will crush Vista.
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