experience with custom budget 1u Xen Linux servers - 18 months later

2008-04-24 19:30
2008-04-24 21:00

Stephen Gutknecht will make this presentation:
"-- Inexpensive. SATA over SCSI, commodity DDR2 RAM (not FB), desktop CPU
-- our first experience with remote motherboard management and IPMI solution
-- Small size and weight. Our goal was to have a server we could ship via
UPS or Fedex overnight to a co-location center for under $120.
-- We used a 14" case, crammed 2 desktop hard drives, 8gb of RAM, quadcore
-- The "RAM sweet point" - 8GB of RAM at the time in late-2006 / early
2006. We wanted to be able to take advantage of Xen and we often run
databases where more RAM is preference over fast hard drives.
-- Have a total of 7 of these systems in production, some have been in
service for 18 months, some only 6 months.
-- Wounds, mistakes, bad experiences, compromises
-- Ideals that give a piece of mind that don't really get used (the
inexpensive shipping).
-- The time factor, we had software jobs to do and often the partially
assembled servers sat for months - but gave us piece of mind that if
existing servers were there - we could finish them out and ship them in a
-- We used Supermicro motherboards built around an Intel chipset. Most had
2 on-board gigabit network adapters (model PDSMI+) and we also had one with
quad onboard gigabit network adapters (model PDSMI-LN4+). We run both Xen
Linux (Gentoo) and OpenBSD on these systems. FYI, Dell often uses
Supermicro as an OEM provider, but did not provide a model that fit our
physical desires.

I will bring one of the 14" 1u servers to the presentation and show the
inside and basic assembly issues. I considered the whole assembly and
testing experience to similar to trying to do 'modest overclocking' - as the
temps of these systems and the confined case presented a number of testing
and assembly challenges."

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