Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes; Date: April 17, 2008; Election results

Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes
Date: April 17, 2008
Location: Waller Creek

Discussion of backup programs. Opportunity for further nominations. Clio Dunn nominated for Treasurer. Carl for system as well as mailing list. Stephen Gutknecht. for President. Denis Oxford for Secretary. Paul Elliott withdraws for Secretary. Denis Oxford withdraws for President.

Therefore this is the nominations.

Stephen Gutknecht for President.
Secretary Denis Oxford.
Treasurer Clio Dunn.
System Administrator Carl Perry
Mailing List Carl Perry
Web Administrator Paul Elliott
Program Coordinator Newton Hammet

Slate passed by acclimation.

Discussion of virtual booting Linux under OSX.

Hello from Stephen Gutknecht

I want to say a personal Thank You to Denis and I'm sure he will prove to be a good mentor.

My intention is to try to generate a higher profile for Austin LUG on websites like Facebook, and other social tech groups. A users group by nature is a social network - and I want to let these new social internet users know we are here! I invite suggestions along these lines as I'd like to see the established Linux users spreading the knowledge more.

I appreciate the opportunity to help the Linux and open source cause and I'm more than welcome to take feedback and suggestions. Thank you.

Stephen Gutknecht
FYI: I mostly live in South Austin but also spend weekends in Canyon Lake. I work for myself from home (and have since 1999). I have been attending Austin Jelly - a freeform group for people who work 'at home', and I encourage you to come visit during the daytime on Friday if you want to talk Linux or otherwise.

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