Austin Linux Group Installfest!

2008-02-16 00:00

On February 16, 2008 between 9am and 4pm, Austin Linux Group will be holding an installfest!

Bring your computer so we can help you install Linux on it! Install Ubuntu, Opensue, Fedora, or Mandriva or anything else that we can figure out how to install.

The install fest will be held at TXDOT which is located at 200 East Riverside Drive Austin, TX.
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For best results, people should bring their whole computer including monitor, mouse and keyboard, and anything
else that needs to be taken into account at installation time.

People that want to do dual boot with other operating systems arrange for disk space for Linux. If you wish to
shrink an NTFS partition in order to make space for Linux, you should come with your partition already defragged. Otherwise, it
may take too long to defrag and install Linux during the installfest.

Backup any data you want to keep before installing Linux.
Installing Linux takes some time, it is best to come early and get started.
Please print out the Installfest Flyer . Copy it and distribute it everywhere.

Next install fest?

I'm looking for an install fest in/around Austin that I can send my Mom to. I searched upcoming events and it seems anything further is still in planning phase.

I live in CA and I just need to get her box installed so that I can help her with the rest. She's already tried Linux (PCLOS) and wants very badly to get it on her computer.

Do you guys have an inkling when your next fest will be? Any qualms about setting a sweet old lady up with PCLOS? I'd love to be set up to receive an announcement.

[Side thought] Can I suggest a Mother's Day fest as a great promo opportunity. I'd even send her an early Mother's Day card with directions.

"Please God, help me get my mom on Linux so I never have to support windows again."

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