Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes; Date: January 24, 2008

Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes
Date: January 24, 2008
Location: Waller Creek

Before the meeting began people helped the Secretary fix his broken computer. Test ran during the meeting, OK.

Konrad Rosenbaum was introduced by Denis Oxford. Giving a presentation on Basic Desktop Security. Think Security five Questions.

Never rely on one single point of failure.

Design the threat model.

Distribution is first security. Choose a distribution that is designed for what you want to do. Update your system. Choose secure password. Remember passwords are unsafe.

Get rid of junk. Configure Security. Firewall. Every system has a right to its own firewall.
Don't forget about Ipv6. Rootkit scanner. IP-tables. IP-tables:filtering. Ip-tables.

The slides for this excellent presentation should be in our archive.

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