Alg meeting at Waterloo IceHouse September 19

2013-09-19 19:00
2013-09-19 21:00

Thursday, September 19, from 7-9pm we will have the Austin Linux Group meeting at WaterLoo Icehouse on Burnet which is located here.

It is not far from Burnet/Colfax Bus stop.

We will discuss GNU Linux and try to answer any questions.
I will explain why the NSA scandal while bad for our country is good for GNU/Linux.
I will try to arrive early to reserve a spot close to the electric outlet by the plug.

hello anybody here?

The forums and other postings seem pretty scarce recently. Are these meetings well-attended? I'm a long-time Linux geek (early 90s) looking to fill recently-aquired free time. Any interest in devices like my current obsession the Raspberry Pi or other topics?

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