Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes; Date: May 24, 2007

Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes
Date: May 24, 2007
Location: Waller Creek

Called to order 7:30 pm.

Joe Barr's report on Red Hat Summit. Mix of RH corporate philosophy and free Software. Joe Barr likes RH's business model. They contribute Free Software. No time for questions. Best thing about RH summit was meeting with Eben Moglen. EB is most eloquent geek ever heard.

Open Source = development methodology
Free Software is about freedom.

Videos: Mostly of EM.
Last year's RH summit.
Moglen's story of how he became involved with FS.
FSF involvement. PGP. Phil Zimmerman. Team that defended Zimmerman.
Personal history with RMS.
Brad Smith. General counsel for MS.
Threat posed by MS Novell deal. Way to direct threats to developers.
GPLv3 is not about MS Novell deal. Downstream shielding. DRM lockdown.
Will MS back off from patent agreement? MS is distributing GPLed code.
MS is at a disadvantage. Sympathy for MS.
Resigned from FSF board. Full time teaching. No split going on.
How to change the world. Thurgood Marshall.
Will MS change? And drop the patent agreement.
New RH video.

Generalized discussion.

Adjourn. 8:45pm

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