need help with ubuntu install, probably from alternate cd

i am trying to become familiar with linux as part of a larger interest in open source networks. i tried to install ubuntu on my compaq presario v2000 laptop (however the specs i find online tend to 2x the performance of the one i have). got a few error messages about firmware and microcode as it was booting up. i know i should be more specific, but i wasnt able to write it down. then when it was opening up the graphic interface it came up with two other error messages. one was about the GNOME settings, saying it wouldnt be able to load certain sounds or desktop things(not a big concern) and the other was about the failure of some program dealing with wireless.

i went ahead and tried to instal it, but it just went to a blank screen, and later windows booted up as normal.

i am hoping to do a dual install.

it would be great if someone was able to assist me during this install, or tell me its just not going to work.


-ella stelter

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