Presentation: Ham on Linux and Fldigi demo

2007-02-01 19:30
2007-02-01 21:00

Location Map:,+Austin+TX

Meeting Agenda:
Come one, come all, see the amazing digital modes demo and explanation of the status of Ham and Linux at this week's meeting. All you no-code hams out there, about to be able to upgrade to general or maybe even get one of those little bitty calls because of the death of the code segment, should definitely attend to see what you can do when you connect your rig to your Linux computer.
If all goes well, we'll have live PSK31 QSOs, maybe even DX to Cuba or South America, with the waterfall appearing in color on the large screen, maybe even decoding CW for you, right in front of your eyes.
See you there,
Joe Barr

Meeting Location:
City of Austin Water and Wastewater Complex, 10th and IH-35S

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