Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes Date: October 5, 2006

Austin Linux Group Meeting Minutes
Date: October 5, 2006
Location: Walnut Creek

ALG board meeting called to order 7:25pm by Newton Hamet.

Paul Elliott moved the following at the request of Newton Hamet:

Resolved, when N years dues are paid for a person, the
person's dues expiration date shall be the current expiration
date plus N years or the date dues were paid plus N years, whichever is later.

Friendly amendment accepted to be as follows:

Membership and dues procedure is:
dues expire 31 March each year;
dues can only be paid for one year;
dues can be prorated for 6 months at one half the stipulated rate.

A long with these changes the board approved all current memberships
will be good until 31 March 2007. The three members that payed after
the beginning of this fiscal year will be offered the opportunity for refund
or membership extension.


Paul Elliott moved the following:

Motion for ALG web space for miscellaneous files.

Whereas, ALG's drupal content manager now has a bug which prevents uploading large binary files;
And whereas, our system administrator may fix this problem in the future;
And whereas, a number of speakers to ALG have contributed their slides; but due to the bug their work can not be uploaded to ALG's web space;
And whereas, some ALG slides now reside on Paul Elliott's private web space;
Therefore, be it resolved, that as a temporary solution the following be done:
A temporary account or accounts for board members be created;
That account have write access to a special directory on ALG's server;
That account have write access using scp, ssh, and sftp to the above directory;
The above directory be served by ALG's web server so that files uploaded
to that directory have an URL and be down loadable using HTTP format
from ALG's server;
That ALG's board members be cautioned to use this account only for ALG matters.

Failed for lack of second.

The Joe Barr moved the following:

ALG list traffic should be sent to the mailing list only, no cross-posting to other lists
or individuals.

Adjourned 8:20pm

General membership continued discussion till 8:55pm

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