List of Presentation slides made to Austin Linux Group

This is not a list of all Austin Linux Group presentations; It is just a list of those presentation for which the presenter provided ALG with copies of the slides presented. Follow the links listed below to see the presentation slides.

List of Presentation slides made to Austin Linux Group
Title Date Presenter
How to build and modify wireless router's GPL firmware May 28, 2009 Dzuy Nguyen
The History and Philosophy of PGP and GPG February 5, 2009 Paul Elliott
Jim Hogg presentation on Linux in Education November 13, 2008 Jim Hogg
Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10) October 30, 2008 John Dierdorf
Debugging Core Dumps with GDB (the GNU debugger) October 16, 2008 Jason Schonberg
What is holding Linux back; When will Grandma be ready for Linux? August 28, 2008 John Terpstra
Damn Small Linux (DSL) June 12, 2008 Denis Oxford
Gnu Compiler Collection June 5, 2008 Jason Schonberg
Basic Desktop Security January 24, 2008 Konrad Rosenbaum
Using OpenSuSE Build Service October 18, 2007 Paul Elliott
SuSE Linux, a few slides a Lot of Demo September 14, 2006 Kent Lamb
Red Hat and the Open Source Community September 21, 2006 Thomas Cameron
Tanenbaum-Torvalds microkernel vs monolithic kernel Debate
September 7 2006 Paul Elliott
Lessons of Free Software History
September 7 2006 Paul Elliott

Views of Free Software History
August 31 2006 Paul Elliott
Miscellaneous Linux Tricks
July 27, 2006 Paul Elliott
eCryptfs: An Enterprise-class Cryptographic Filesystem for Linux
July 13, 2006 Mike Halcrow
New I\O May 18, 2006 Chris Nystrom
Linux Startup
April 6, 2006 Paul Elliott

H. D. Moore's presentation on Metasploit Framework 3.0
May 31, 2007 D. H. Moore
peless, an example project
2004 Paul Elliott

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