Want to try Linux...

I'd like to try Linux. I've got the 'Red Hat Fedora Linux 2 Bible' & it says to get a boot disk from 'ftp.gnu.org/gnu/parted/bootdisk' to partition the drive on my Win XP (Pro) laptop (Compaq Presario 3000). I don't find it there, and need to find something (cheap/free) to partition this NTFS drive. I'm sick of MicroS___. I hear they will soon quit supporting everything but XP, and quit supporting it within the year. I cannot tolerate someone 'pushing' me into their new (unproven, I must pay for it, & Beta test it for them) OS. (Don't mind it if it is MY choice...) There aren't even any 'Vista - approved' machines on the market now, I gotta buy a new machine with a new,unproven OS? Sorry 'bout yer luck...
If someone could help me find something to partition this drive, I'll try Linux. If I can 'make a go' of it, I'm moving to Linux - totally eliminating MS.
I am a 'tramp' electrician (Union), I travel quite a bit, but am from (currently in) the Austin area. One of my problems will be forcing my Sprint PC Slot card (cell telephone internet) to run under Linux. This is a recent technology, I wonder if Linux will support it. (I don't think the supplied software even mentions Linux.)

Tnx es 73 de KI5KV (Rick)


Try gparted. It should do exactly what you need it to. I would make a backup first just in case though. You can never have too many backups. Download gparted at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/ and see the file systems it supports over at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/features.php

As far as MS not supporting XP in a year, that's bullshit. They will support XP for probably 6 more years or longer and you will end up buying a new PC before that anyhow. Also the price of a new operating system really isn't that much since people like Dell only shells out a few bucks for a license. Generally when buying a machine without an OS you only save 25-30 bucks. Use Linux because you like the OS and not for it's price or scruples. In the end it's just a tool.

Oh an as for the Sprint card, you may be SOL. What’s the model?


I've been thinking Linux for a long time now, Dad has it on one of his boxes. I think it was my talking abt it that got him to try it in the 1st place. I only have 1 machine, and don't want a lot of down time setting up a new OS, therefore want to try dual boot.
The sales reciept calls the card NOV620EVDO (Novatel 620 EVDO Card). I can't pull it & remain connected, but will check it for documentation after this session.
Tnx for the info on gparted. I will try it out. I expect you are right abt my buying a new box in the next 6 yrs, by then this one will be 10 yrs old. Don't (or won't) care how long MS supports XP if I can get away from it. Linux appeals to me im many different ways, it seems I could personalise it easier than Windows, as Windows requires apps I do not use(such as instant messinger) to run apps I do, and I like the idea of open source.
I understand everyone has their favorite distro, and was wondering what folks thought was best to run on a laptop (no network, just occasional 'net use, and storage of misc. doc's). I also wonder what folks think abt the 'live' distros I see in the magazines which boot from the cd/dvd drive.


Tried a live boot of Ubuntu 6.06. Worked on my Compaq Presario 3000. Recognised the Novatel card but showed it's function as unknown. Read up on distros on this (& other)sites. Have read several books (past & present) on Linux, abt Red Hat mainly. Read several magazines also. I like the idea of being able to 'shell out' & work from the command line. Mom started using punch cards & taught me DOS in the late 60's. She had a 'hot rod', an 8086 machine with TWO 3.5" floppy drives, one for the program, & one for the info ya wanted to save!!! Mom passed away in '01. I resisted the move to Windows when my ham radio friends moved to it, I stayed with DOS. I could run our favorite programs faster from DOS than they could from Windows, I loaded them into ram, which I bought lots of, & accessed them from the command line which worked faster than Windows.
My XP machine quit supporting sound (1st the microphone, then the speakers - as I tried to fix the mic problem) a few of days ago. XP failed to find the hardware, which is built into this laptop. I have had to completely reload the OS. Of course that entails visiting Micros___'s website to update & register the software. Many hours just to get back to - almost - where I was. I do not like being tracked by Microsoft when I do things. As Messenger does... Messenger is tied to several applications, & is very hard to get rid of.
I've looked around the 'net for Linux drivers for the Novatel Merlin S620 card without any luck. Wonder if I can find a utility to run it under Linux using a 'call' to the Windows driver. Also wonder what I need to learn to write my own device drivers. I guess I need to learn how to write a driver in Windows, so I can 'reverse engineer' it to work in Linux. I expect I will have to learn how to program in both OS's. Can anyone tell me which programming languages to learn? Where to find instruction on these languages? Can I do it on the 'net(realising I cannot access the 'net every day, or on a schedule set by others)? I can & will buy books at Hastings or Barnes & Nobles if needed. I have seen books there on Pascal, C, C+, C++, &c.
Will dnload gparted & try it as soon as time permits. Will give me experience with Linux. Withot 'net access, this is not a soultion to all my problems...

Some links

Sorry about the delay but I was out of town for a while. It looks like that card is supported under Linux. Here's a link to a post about that very card on the Ubuntu forums.


Also there is a way to run Windows drivers on Linux. It's mainly done for wireless cards (802.11x) but I hear it can be used for other devices as well. You just install the application and download the drivers straight from the site. Here's a link for that.


If you are still having trouble, you may want to bring it into a meeting. We meet each Thursday evening at 7:30PM in the City of Austin Waller Creek Complex at 625 East 10th Street in downtown Austin. I or anyone else can try to get your card working if you would like.

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